Granite and Marble
Care and Maintenance

Do not use lime removal products or cleaning products that contains ammonia. This could cause de-colourations or scratches and affect the seal of the surface.

Granite and marble are natural stones that have naturally formed micro-fissures that can crack or break with enough pressure.

If you were to place the hot object on the stone, it may cause discolouration or cracking.

This can lead to staining of the stone. If you do spill, please make sure to clean up the spill as soon as possible. The stone will stain if the spill is left to sit.

If the spill does stain you can try the following to get the stain out but it is not 100% guaranteed:

  1. Mix a paste out of baking soda and water
  2. Moisten surface with stain with water
  3. Apply the paste to the stain about ½” thick
  4. Tape plastic sheeting over the area with the paste and allow to sit for 48 hours
  5. Remove the paste with a spatula, take care not to scratch the surface
  6. Rinse the area with clean water and wipe off excess water

If you find dirt/debris that has been dried on top of your surface, you can take a straight razor blade and scrape gently, making sure not to dig the knife portion into the surface.

Chips can happen caused by hitting a hard object into the edge of the surface. Please take care when carrying heavy pots and pans. If a chip happens, please save the piece that has chipped off and contact us as soon as you can, most cases it can be fixed via epoxy.

You can purchase granite / marble sealant from our store or your nearby hardware store. Please follow the directions on the back of your sealant for proper application.

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